AgriComp — AgriBusiness Worker's Compensation Safety Group

AgriComp is a workers’ compensation safety group that was created in 1996 and is offered through Texas Mutual Insurance. This group allows many diverse agriculture businesses in Texas to financially benefit by pooling their insurance coverage under one carrier and benefit because of their common association.

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War On Hail

by Julia Chow —
November 19, 2012

A conference called "War on Hail" will take place on November 27, 2012 at the Irving Convention Center. This one-day conference will focus on the issue of hail in Texas. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, Texas had more severe hail events than any state in the country, totalling over $1.5 billion in insured losses across the state. Eleanor Kitzman, the Texas Insurance Commissioner, will lead the meeting and offer insights on hailstorm impacts. For more information about the "War on Hail" conference, please visit:

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Slowly But Surely

by Landon Hertel —
February 21, 2012

Well folks, it is starting to happen.  We are slowly but surely getting enough rain to help us get out of this drought.  If the rain can just keep coming things could be looking up soon enough.  Below there is a link for an animation of the last 12 weeks.  Take a look.

12 Week drought animation

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Drought Recovery

by Landon Hertel —
December 16, 2011

As we all know 2011 held one of the worst droughts on record.  Over the last several months we have begun to see some rain across the state.  We hope the rain will be enough to not only take us out of drought conditions, but to replenish our reservois, aquifers and stock tanks.  Take a look at the link below.  If you stay on the link you will see the slow transition as we begin to recover from the drought.

drought animation

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